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On several occasions I’ve had the good fortune to present master classes with Warren Deck [former principal tuba New York Philharmonic]. A member of The Juilliard School faculty from 1989-2002, Warren has given master classes in the former Soviet Union, the Far East, and South America. He currently teaches from his studio in Denver, and is easily one of the top tuba pedagogues today. Our joint presentation is dynamic, engaging, and full of energy. We provide students with two diverse, but complimentary, perspectives on one consolidated approach. As we interact with each other—and students—throughout this unique master class everyone in the room gains a richer understanding of the concepts than they would in a traditional setting. We have appeared together at a regional ITEC (2005), the national ITEC (2006), and at Portland State University (2010). For more information about this dynamic presentation, please contact me or Warren: MarWars@aol.com.

With Warren Deck, former tubist of the New York Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall