Floyd Cooley

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Floyd Cooley has performed recitals and appeared as a soloist in prestigious venues throughout the world. He served as the principal tubist for the San Francisco Symphony from 1969 - 2001 and frequently gives clinics and master classes.

Floyd Cooley’s knowledge of the physiological and psychological aspects of brass playing make him a destination teacher. His is the next best thing to Arnold Jacobs.”
                                              - Dale Clevenger, retired principal horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“I remember that after one year of school, during summer break, I went back to listen to a recording I had made of myself preparing Wagner’s Prelude to Die Meistersinger for an audition, the year before I went to DePaul. My only means of recognizing the tuba player on the tape was the label with my name on it. After one year’s time studying with Floyd Cooley, my playing had changed so much from a fundamental side and musicianship side, that I didn’t recognize the player as myself.”
                                                                         - Mike Roylance, Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Soloist with the San Francisco Symphony,
Seiji Ozawa conducting (1978)

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